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"The natural remedy that treated my Glaucoma & Cataract, Restored my eyesight and saved me from almost going BLIND!!! 

And now my vision is no longer blurry, IOP has reduced... this is like giving me a brand new set of eyeballs!

Dear readers,

there are certain eye diseases that can put you at risk for more permanent and severe vision loss, some of them includes glaucoma, cataract and nearsightedness.

I recall back then when I use to battle with blurred vision, dry itchy eyes , that my doctor recommended eye glasses and some eye drops so I could manage it to improve my vision.

But, as time went by... this became ineffective, caused several eye irritations and also negatively affected my self esteem.

3 years later, my eye condition had worsened... after several eye exams, I was diagnosed with glaucoma in the right eye. Again, several solutions like eye drops, pills and surgery was recommended.

Eye surgery which was the best long term treatment was really expensive, and even comes with its own side effects after several months or years.

Sadly, within few months I used over 5 eye drops. But for the eye pills, they take almost forever to work and give you perfect eye... so you keep on spending and spending on the drugs for several years.

Help came from one of my old time friend when I never expected...

I came across an old time friend, Uwem. I recall he used to work with a particular eye clinic in Maitama, Abuja. But he relocated to Canada to continue his profession. He asked me about my eye condition and I explained everything to him. That was when he introduced me, to a special herbal tea that have been in existence for several years, that treats eye problems, reverse glaucoma, cataracts, myopia and other eye defects.

At first, I was shocked and surprised. According to him, the herbal tea contains special natural extracts — wolf berry (goji berries), bilberry, cassia seed , chrysanthemum. These were rare hard-to-find herbs that improves overall eyesight health and restores vision.

I pleaded with him to help me send a complete supply of the Eye Restore tea. The next morning, I quickly sent the money to him.

What is the result?

The tea arrived within a week, and I started using it as prescribed(serving size of 1 tea bag in morning before breakfast, and 1 tea bag in the evening before bed).

To my surprise, in less than 2 weeks of using it, I noticed my IOP has reduced signifcantly, I could read without glasses and no more dry itchy eyes.

My eyes became crystal clear after a month, my vision was never blurry again, and I started to feel that my glaucoma was gone. The results was surprising to people around me even my eye doctor too, so I had to order another complete supply of the Eye Restore tea for about 2 of my colleagues in a different branch office, and some of my relatives using spectacles... just to confirm if it could also help them improve their eye health.

Within 30 days or less of using it, all of them came back to testify that this herbal tea helped them improve their eyesight and eliminates eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, near-sightedness, hyperopia, and blurry vision, and they didn't have to continue wearing glasses anymore.

Now, I can definitely recommend the amazing Eye Restore tea for anyone who is serious about improving their eyesight and treatment for eye defects. Don't hesistate to use that promo for Eye Restore tea complete supply before the special offer ends.


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